Saturday Requiem : A Frieda Klein Novel 06

Auteur : Nicci French
Editeur : Penguin Books Ltd

Langue : Anglais

Thirteen years ago eighteen-year-old Hannah Docherty was arrested for the brutal murder of her family. It was an open-shut case and Hannah's been incarcerated in a secure hospital ever since.

When psychotherapist Frieda Klein is asked to meet Hannah and give her assessment of her, she reluctantly agrees. What she finds horrifies her. And Frieda is haunted by the thought that Hannah might be as much of a victim as her family; that something wasn't right all those years ago.

And as Hannah's case takes hold of her, Frieda soon begins to realize that she's up against someone who'll go to any lengths to protect themself.

12,45 €
Parution : Février 2017
400 pages
ISBN : 978-1-4059-1861-9
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