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Requiem in Vienna: A Viennese Mystery

Requiem in Vienna: A Viennese Mystery

Auteur : J. Sydney Jones

Editeur : Minotaur Books,US

Langue : Anglais

At first it seemed like a series of accidents plagued Vienna's Court Opera. But after a singer is killed during rehearsals the evidence suggests something much more dangerous. Someone is trying to murder conductor and composer Gustav Mahler, and lawyer Karl Werthen sets out to stop the attacks with the help of his new wife, Berthe, and the criminologist Hans Gross. With the recent deaths of Johann Strauss and Johannes Brahms, the investigators fear a madman is killing the great musicians of Vienna. Set during the peak of Vienna's cultural renaissance, "Requiem in Vienna" is a perfect read for fans of historical thrillers.

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320 pages
ISBN : 978-0-3123-8390-9
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