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Robert Ludlum's The Arctic Event

Robert Ludlum's The Arctic Event

Auteur : James Cobb

Editeur : Orion

Langue : Anglais

Lt. Col. Jon Smith, an army research doctor and secret agent attached to Covert-One, is tapped to lead a team to Wednesday Island, an icy patch of land between the northern coast of Canada and the Earth's magnetic Pole. There, the remains of a mysterious plane were discovered during a routine educational expedition. The plane seems to be a Russian spy plane, and the Russian government secretly revealed to the US President that a lot of very dangerous anthrax may be on board. But Jon and his team aren't the only ones making their way to the plane. And when the members of the educational expedition slowly start disappearing and a team of Russian pirates take over the island, Jon's team will be lucky to get out alive.

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Parution : 25 Février 2010
Format: Ebook - Kindle
432 pages
ISBN : 978-1-4091-1992-0
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