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The Lieutenant

The Lieutenant

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Editeur : Canongate Books Ltd

Langue : Anglais

Set a quarter-century before The Secret River, at the very moment when the British arrive in Australia, The Lieutenant unveils one man’s struggle to find his place within this brand new world.

In 1787, Lieutenant Thomas Rooke and the First Fleet, along with a cargo of convicts, set sail from Portsmouth, bound for New South Wales. Despite the long, arduous journey, Rooke remains optimistic and excited. A shy, quiet man with a penchant for science, Rooke can’t help but anticipate the natural wonders he might discover in Australia.

Once there, as the newcomers struggle to establish a settlement for themselves and the convicts, and attempts are made to communicate with those who already inhabit the land, Rooke sets up an observatory to chart the stars. But the earth where the settlers have landed will prove far more revelatory than the night sky. Out on his isolated point, Rooke comes to know the local Aboriginal people and forges a remarkable connection with one child who will change his life in ways he never imagined.

Based on real events, Kate Grenville’s dramatic new novel conveys the poignancy and emotional power of the bond between two people, and how it is possible for a man to find himself in an unfamiliar life. The Lieutenant is a remarkable story that resonates across oceans and centuries.

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320 pages
ISBN : 978-1-8476-7347-3
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