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Maybe I'm wrong

Maybe I'm wrong

Auteur : Robert Claire Raines

Editeur : Durand Peyroles

I admire tall buildings: have blinked my eyes at the bright lights; crossed the continent to ride on the ocean waves—I have been in the air. I marvel at man’s progress—his stupendous feats in engineering. I enjoy the modern equipment of my home; I appreciate our churches and our splendid schools of learning—it is not for me to discount man’s achievements. I like all these things but I LOVE nature, for nature is God’s handiwork…
Many of the stories herein are drawn from my experiences in the open—many are quite personal, though none is so personal but that you will recall circumstances and incidents in your past affairs which bear close resemblance to those I have recited.
If the reading of this book brings back happy memories, if new and wholesome thoughts are engendered within your consciousness, if a laugh, yea, even a smile o’er-takes you—then, this book has served its purpose and I am rewarded for having written…”

This unusual book—difficult to categorize it!—, describes few sketches of lives and frame of mind on the life, usages and lifestyle. Writed with humor and philisophical manner, it’s a pleasant—entertaining book. A few chapters are writed in local language (South Dakota, Davison Co.), but are easy to read, they can make us remember our grandparents tell their life in the days of our childhood.
Rare to find, this book is a testimony on a near past in a rural district, in a small town.

Publié dans le cadre de la collection "Eagle Prairie Collection" : textes originaux en anglais (US), découverte de la culture du Dakota en particulier et d'auteurs inédits en France.

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218 pages
ISBN : 978-2-9157-2317-5
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