The Wind in the Willows : volume 3

Auteur : Michel Plessix
Editeur : Cinebook

While Rat and Mole tale a well deserved rest, Toad dwells in a dank jail. For having madly loved the motorcar, the unfortunate Toad was condemned to 20 years in prison... And as Mole said, "20 years is a long time, especially for an amphibian!" But our animal friend has a trick up his sleeve. Thanks to his irresistible charm, thanks to his exceptional intelligence, and especially thanks to his immense generosity, Toad escapes and gets caught up in a high speed chase. But to become truly free, he has to make a sacrifice - and what a sacrifice! What he holds most darkly: his dignity.

9,25 €
Parution : Décembre 2006
34 pages
ISBN : 978-1-9054-6002-1
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