A journey through clocks: Masterworks of the Parnassia collection

Auteur : Jean-Dominique Augarde
Editeur : Faton

Langue : Anglais

The Parnassia Collection is a sumptuous collection of clocks, whose models were produced in a few copies, or even just one, executed between 1790 and 1820, sometimes a little later, chosen for their aesthetics, the quality of their cases. and of course their perfect condition. It is with meaning that they coexist with some previous works, but all are related to the framework of the collection, which is divided into two parts. The first includes what we have called, for lack of imagination, the "classic" clocks, the other includes the main models of what we call "black" clocks. Their reunion justifies the subtitle that we have given to the present work “An odyssey in pendulum”. Indeed, these clocks make us travel. Through numerous representations, this work takes us to islands lost in the oceans, passing through the American plains, Haiti, the West Indies, to Paris, then Rome, Carthage or even ancient Greece and Egypt. This set is an example of what the passion for beauty, even focused on a period, can lead to, that is to say, to dazzle. The reason the author wants to publish this book is to share his passion with watch and art lovers around the world. Another important reason is that private collectors of clocks are mostly elderly people and his wish is that this book attracts the attention of younger people as well.

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Parution : Juin 2022
416 pages
ISBN : 978-2-8784-4315-8
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